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GoSexy - Photo editor for face and body

GoSexy is a photo editor that offers you more than a classic photo filter to reshape your face and body. You won't need photoshop anymore to tune your face and body. You can enhance your pictures and photos to look skinny, slim and fit with GoSexy. With just one tap. GoSexy is an enhance booth for your portraits and selfies. You can look taller and more beautiful on your photos. It has unique photo editing tools like GoSlim, GoCheek and GoLipsy.

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You can use GoSexy to make your face and body look perfect. Enhance your portraits by plumping your lips, lifting your nose and cheekbones. Natural-looking and amazing results! For face: Plump lips, petite nose and high cheekbones. For body: Tall, fit, lean body and impressive curves.

GoTall: Look taller on your photos!

GoSlim: Make yourself thinner!

GoSexy: Make impressive curves!

GoFit: Slimming effect on belly, waist, arms and legs.

GoLipsy: Make your lips plump and shiny!

GoNose: Lift your nose!

GoCheek: Lift your cheekbones! Supermodel cheek bones.

GoTan: Suntan effect on your photos! Get tanned!

GoSoft: Special blur effect on your photos!

Want to look gorgeous on your photos? Wondering how the models look so hot on magazines? GoSexy is an easy to use, powerful photo editing app for girls. Re-touch your photos!

Now, you can easily have a model look on your photos just by dragging the circle and then pressing GoSexy, GoFit, GoLipsy or GoSlim. You will have professional quality, natural looking photos.

GoSexy - Menu Screenshot GoSexy - GoTall Screenshot GoSexy - GoFace Screenshot GoSexy - GoSlim Screenshot