GoSexy is a photo editor that offers you more than a classic photo filter to reshape your face and body. You won't need photoshop anymore to tune your face and body. You can enhance your pictures and photos to look skinny, slim and fit with GoSexy. With just one tap.


Use GoFit to make impressive photos and perfect selfies. Motivate yourself for bodybuilding. You can reshape your body and see your workout results in advance. Look slim, fit and muscular on your photos.Impress everyone on Instagram.


Spotless automatically blocks Instagram spammers posting irrelevant, unwanted, abusive, spammy, promotion comments on your photos. It helps you to see the comments only you actually want to see. Spotless gets rid of the mess under your photos and provide a better Instagram experience.

Mobile Payment & Digital Loyalty

Do you want to attract first-visit customers? Or maybe encourage past customers to come back again? All possible with Mobikasaba's location-based mobile campaigns. You can design a loyalty program for your customers. Fast, easy and no-hassle payment.

Simply Crop

Simply crop and resize videos in seconds. Crop a video as you are cropping a photo directly from your camera roll. Fully customizable and flexible editing. Make your videos ready for Instagram, Vine and Youtube in seconds.


PicUp is an all-purpose photo editor for your personal or business account. Post photos on your special occasions or promotions for your business using the features Color Splash, Stickers, Draw, Cartoon, Texts and Quotes.