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Spotless automatically blocks Instagram spammers posting irrelevant, unwanted, abusive, spammy, promotion comments on your photos. It helps you to see the comments only you actually want to see. Spotless gets rid of the mess under your photos and provide a better Instagram experience.

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Comments from people you follow are safe

Stats of deleted spam comments

No impact to your battery life

How does it work?

Here is a quick example: If you do no want to see "follow 4 follow" comment under your Instagram photo, add "follow" as keyword. Spotless will scan and block users posting comments containing "follow". Don't worry Spotless will never block users you follow.

What users say about us
"I have 300k + followers and almost 90%of my comments are spam. In Indonesia Instagram is a common marketing place for products and they spam celebrity accounts. This app is a god send to allow our fans to communicate with us."

Spotless on Press
"There may finally be an app that can rid your Instagram photo feed of any and all traces of those annoying troll comments and spam." - Zach Epstein,

"Love Instagram but hate all the insta-spam? If you're looking to clean up the comments section of your Instagram feed, you can keep it free of trolls, promoters, cyber-bullies, and bots using Spotless." - Lindsey Caldwell,

"Spotless is a new iPhone app that will automatically delete troll comments on Instagram" - Yahoo News

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